Antelope Island Adventure

December 26, 2014

Did you have an amazing Christmas? I hope your tree and christmas mess is still up! Ours usually stays up until the 2nd week of Jan. I just love the tree. Today I have a post about one of our state parks, Antelope Island. 

I think living in Utah people forget how gorgeous the Great Salt Lake is. Yes it stinks and bad but the scenery you get to see is unlike any other in the area. 

These pictures were taken a couple months back when my adventure partner and niece decided to go ride our bikes around Antelope Island. It was cold! We were bundled up like crazy, I wore thermals, jeans, knee high boots, beanie, North Face puffy coat, thick scarf and gloves and was still freezing! But it was so much fun.

There is so much to do out at Antelope Island. You can camp, swim, road bike & mtn bike, and see the buffalo. They are huge, and kind of scary when you are riding your bike past them. This place defiantly makes for a fun family day trip, take a picnic and let the kids explore and experience the Great Salt Lake.

If you don't know how to get to Antelope Island it's super easy.
Take i-15 toward Layton and get off exit 332 Antelope Drive. You will from there head west until you get to the gate. Since Antelope Island is a Utah State Park you will have to pay a $10 entrance fee. From there continue on the causeway and bam you're there.

Have a fun adventure!

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