Meet the Traveler: Bradley from Sasquatch the Bus

February 23, 2017

You guys I'm so excited about this new series I'm starting! I love meeting new bloggers and sharing their love for adventures and traveling. Today we have our first interview with Bradley Davis who blogs over at Sasquatch the Bus. This is so cool! I have loved all their pictures and adventures so far. Enjoy their interview and make sure to check out their blog and instagram.

Sasquatch the Bus

Where do you blog? The blog is the story of my roommate and I’s conversion of a short school bus into a bad ass adventure mobile and our travels.

How long have you been blogging?
Well, haha just about a month

Where are you from?
Riverside, California

What has been your favorite trip and why?
I would have to say that any time I get the chance to go to Redwood National Park. It is a really magical place. The trees have this power of putting everything in perspective for you. The tallest living organisms on the planet. You just feel so small. All your troubles seem to go away. Oh and when the fog rolls into the forest, leaves you feeling like you are on another planet. Hands down my favorite place in the U.S.

Sasquatch the Bus at Horseshoe Bend

What kind of duffle bag/luggage do you use?
I love my herschel duffle bag and travel back pack.

If you fly often do you check or carry your luggage on the plane?
I always try to carry on. I like living a more minimalist lifestyle and have no problem wearing the same thing multiple days. 

Tell me your worst travel experience you’ve had so far, what could you have done differently so that that situation wouldn’t have happened
Honestly, I don’t think I have had any terrible traveling experiences. Knock on wood. Sure there are hiccups along the way. And thankfully we haven't had any breakdowns with our converted school bus.

What kind of camera do you most while traveling?
Hands down the best travel camera is the sony a6000. It’s a compact mirrorless dslr. It basically fits in your pockets but wields a huge punch. The next comparable camera is the Canon 6d and it’s ⅓ the size.

If DSLR what lens?
I think the sigma 16-35mm lens is one of the best out there. You can capture landscape and portraits without really having to change lenses.

Name 3 places that are currently on your bucket list?
My 2017 bucket list comprises of Joshua Tree, Puerto Rico, and Banff

What’s the next adventure you have planned?
This week actually. We are taking the school bus to Yosemite for firefalls. It’s suppose to snow the entire time so it will be really interesting! Wish us luck :)

Sasquatch the Bus

What’s the best travel tip or advice you have?
Do it. The world and ourselves change so rapidly. You might not have the same opportunities in a year. and better yet who know what those places will look like in a year.

There you have it, our first interview! I want to thank Bradley for being the first and for being willing to help me out. Make sure and go check out their blog, Sasquatch the Bus .

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