Snowshoeing at North Fork Park, Liberty Utah

February 06, 2017

We decided we wanted to try out our new baby carrier before we ventured down to Zions, so we pulled out our snowshoes and headed to Liberty. Up in Liberty is North Fork Park, which is a nordic skiing and snowshoeing park. It was awesome! When I got there I was a little worried that we were not in the right spot only because I saw more cross country skiers than snowshoers but once we got our gear on and headed closer to the trail I saw we were in the right spot. 

When you arrive there is little hut, in the hut they sell snacks, drinks, and they will give you the run down on the park. There is a small fee, but the fee helps keep the trails nice and runs the hut. On the trail there was the cross country skiing side and then a snowshoeing trail just north of that. I really liked how they were 2 completely separate trails because I didn't want to feel like I was getting ran over or I was in the way of the skiers. 

We did a little over 2 miles of the trail which was groomed and not difficult at all. The little was getting tired because she didn't take her morning nap so we had to cut the hike short, but the views were gorgeous. The sound of silence with the snow and the cold is my favorite. Then add the views, snow covered trees, and blue sky and youre in heaven :)

I highly recommend the North Fork Park for a fun snowshoeing adventure.
 We may or may not like our Carhartt beanies and North Face jackets haha

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