Wander with me to Causey Reservoir

February 16, 2015

Causey Reservoir Utah

This was the first time visiting Causey. I had heard a lot about it from friends and a few family members so I though it might be fun to take a quick little day trip there and see what it was all about.

When I was told how to get there I was also warned about the major pot holes in the road and that I might need a higher clearance car. Higher clearance car meaning something higher than my Civic Si that is lowered 2 inches, yep I'm a car nerd too! But I figured I could try and explore as far as the Civ would let me. It got Jeff and I to the lake and then some of the road was pretty icy so we decided to stick around the dry ground and not have to call for a tow. 

It was pretty cool because the lake was frozen and you could hear it cracking and moving. I've never heard that before. At first it scared me, lets be honest. 

In the winter it looks like there was ice fishers out there. In the summer I know this is a popular place for fishing, cliff jumping, and camping. I'm going to have to try camping out there in the summer. I just got a new camping hammock and dying to try it out.

Whats your fav thing to do at Causey? I'd love to hear from you!

If you'd like to visit Causey Reservoir heres how to get there.
Head up Weber Canyon
Get off the Mtn Green exit
Follow the road until you reach the gas station and turn L and start heading over Trappers Loop
Once over Trappers Loop turn R
Make your way around Pineview Reservoir until you see the gas station
Turn R and start your way up Monte Cristo
You'll see a sign pointing toward Causey about 10 miles up the road.

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