Tibble Fork Reservoir and American Fork Canyon

February 18, 2015

Welcome to Tibble Fork Reservoir. The infamous location for Utah County bloggers to runaway to and take some fancy pictures. One Sunday I thought I'd take a little drive up American Fork Canyon and check it out.

Well I lied, it's defiantly a hideaway for all of Utah County and not just it's bloggers. When we finally arrived there it felt as if I was at a local park. There was everyone and their dogs there. It was such a nice day they all had the same idea as we did. I was surprised to see fishermen and then a pack of snowmobilers in the same parking lot, that's how crazy Utahs weather has been. My first impression other than it was crowded was...this is it, it's like a pond...but the water color was pretty amazing and minus the size it was beautiful all around. Jeff and I only stayed for about 15 min and then decided to head on back down and find a fun place by the river.

This is our fun place by the river we found. It was just a turn off and I thought it looked so pretty with all the down tree trunks. We walked down the road a bit to find a small slope to walk down and enjoy the river all by our lonesomes.

Another Sunday adventure complete. American Fork Canyon was fun, we didn't see all of it because we didn't have the time but I hope to explore it more in the future.

To get there:
Take I-15 until you get off exit 284 and head east (or toward the big mountains) stay on that road and you'll run into the rangers booth where there is a $6 fee to enter. Support your local canyons!

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