5 Tips for families at Bryce Canyon National Park

January 30, 2017

At the beginning of the week back in May I told my husband, 'I'm going to Bryce Canyon this weekend are you joining me?' and that's all it took to get us there. I needed the drive, the fresh air, and the new views. I may have been experiencing a little cabin fever with the babe at home. This trip was fast and not really planned out, not to mention we also had a 7 month old with us. Which means no long hikes and interesting sleeping nights to come in the hotel. All and all after said and done, this trip was perfect. 

Trip facts

Month of travel: May
Length of trip: 2 days/1 night
Hotel we stayed at: Bryce Canyon Resort
Thoughts on hotel: It was perfect. They had a pack n play for baby N (which I covered with our own blanket) and our bed was great for the night. The hotel is the motel style where the rooms open up to the outside, which is my favorite type. I remember hearing our neighbors but I wasn't worried about us hearing them, I was more worried about them hearing us. 
What we saw: Sunrise Point, Inspiration Point, Bryce Point and the lodge

 Welcome to Inspirational Point, a simple uphill walk to 3 amazing lookouts. We decided to wear baby N because there was no way I was going to push the stroller up the hill. So if you are unable to walk up a steep hill seeing all 3 points might not be the best option for you, but there is 1 that is just off the parking lot.

It was really sunny that day with a tiny bit of a chill, but I was more worried about baby N and her sweet baby skin, hence the blanket and the hat.

Sunrise Point was the busiest out of them all, it might have been because it was the first stop inside the park and the access to the couple of hikes from that point. This part we were able to take our stroller and wheel her around. At the top of one of the lookout points it was really windy but the rest was just fine.

Bryce Point was our last spot and also the least busy spot of all 3, it was the furthest too lol. The parking lot was really small so I can't imagine it during busy season. We got an awesome parking spot and ended up eating lunch in the bed of the truck. The walk to the lookouts was short and so gorgeous;
After visiting Bryce with the little my 5 tips for any new mom would be:

1. Take the chest carrier. This seriously was the best idea. We weren't always able to use the stroller and if we would have planned the trip little better we actually could have done some hikes with her like that.

2. When hotels say they have a 'crib' know that they really mean they have a pack n play. Well at least this hotel meant pack n play. After this trip I think I'll just feel better when we take our own pack n play. I literally thought it was a crib, but maybe that was just my first time mom thinking.

3. Sunscreen always! Always pack sunscreen no matter where you're going.

4. Our Bumbo was a lifesaver. Little N wasn't old enough to sit up on her own yet so we took the Bumbo and I'm so glad we did. When we had lunch at Bryce Point we sat in the bed of the truck, I sat on the tailgate and she sat in the bed in her Bumbo. We were able to eat lunch comfortably and out of the sun.

5. Just have fun. Kids can be difficult to travel with. Try not to have the same strict routine as you do at home, be flexible, and just have fun. Remember we you just want to remember the fun times of the trip not the times when you were fighting the littles schedule.

In my opinion Bryce Canyon is perfect for little kids, it's not to big, there is still fun things to see, and the trails I mentioned are easy ones that little kids could walk on their own.

Sunrise Point

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