Bike Adventure from Wallace Idaho to Cataldo

January 23, 2017

The ride from Wallace to Cataldo was just under 23 miles. This leg of the ride was my favorite. It was so pretty, it rode next to a river the whole time and in and out of tree area. There was no elevation gain which made the ride so relaxing and more enjoyable. Little baby N rode in the bike trailer the whole time and actually fell asleep for about an hr, which usually happens in the trailer. Jeff was the muscle man and was hauling literally about 100 lbs on his bike with all our camping gear, clothes, and some food. Now, I didn't allow him to do all the hard work, I also had some panniers full of camping equipment, clothes, and food.

After riding with little N we've learned a few things.

1. You need a good trailer. We have the Burley Honey Bee and I love it. It is made for 2 little people and has storage behind the seat. The trailer also can be used as a stroller which I love that, and when you're not using the handle it folds down toward the front and adds an additional support. We bought an extra add in to make the chair a little more comfy for little N.

2. Sunscreen. Even though baby is in the trailer, the trailer doesn't provide any sun protection. If you notice in the video there was my long sleeve shirt hanging over the trailer, that's because even though we put sunscreen on her I didn't want her in the straight sun. We use the Babyganics brand and really love it. I personally haven't tried any of the other brands on little N, but I use Neutropena on myself and because I have eczema and CeraVe is eczema friendly.

3. Panniers. Good panniers mean happy ride and happy stay. Everything stays clean and dry. I borrowed my dads Ortlieb bags and we did encounter a little rain and everything I had including my camera stayed dry. The Ortliebs worked great for our trip, but I also have the Axiom ones and they are perfect for every day rides. The Axiom ones do come will yellow rain covers if you need to throw them on. I had 4 bags total, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. When you pack your load you'll want to put more weight on the front wheel than back, this is something I didn't know.

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