Cataldo to Harrison; Coeur d'Alene Trail

January 25, 2017

This was the last leg of the trail that we rode. I really was looking forward to riding the part past Harrison but with little N it didn't work out that we could do it. This last part of the trail was about 27 miles, it was just as easy as the last part. This leg we decided to leave little N with her grandparents so we could go a little faster than yesterday. The ride was beautiful, like the last leg. This one had less tree areas and more water areas, we even rode right next to a controlled fire...yay for smoke in my lungs while I was riding :(

Here is the video, I'm not sure why the music isn't working on the last part. But during that soundless time just hum a happy tune and you'll get through it (insert thumbs up emoji)

You get a pretty clear shot of my favorite helmet I have ever owned, the Laser O2 Helmet.
It fits great, and if it needs to be tightened there is a dial in the back that will cinch it to the hug the back of your head. The helmet doesn't stick out weird in the front or the back, and looks like it fits my tiny head perfectly. When I say tiny head I'm serious, I have to buy a childs size fitted hat. Here are my favorite colors that Lazer offers.

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