Babymoon @ Glacier NP

September 17, 2015

Now this is my style of babymoon. Me, my fam, the mountains, and a little chill in the air = PERFECT! I never understood why pregnant ladies always wanted to go some place warm/hot when they are already stinkin hot as it is. Most of the time I walk around in my undies at home or minimal clothing lol 

So where did I go? Glacier National Park of coarse, only the prettiest and most peaceful place on earth. Not to mention my favorite place ever! I usually visit every year, which is not always the easiest to get there when you drive. It's almost a 10 hour drive from home but well worth it every single time. 

I try and visit a different side of the park every time I visit, this time we visited Two Medicine. 

Welcome to Two Medicine Lake. Isn't it gorgeous. The day we went to Two Medicine was a little cloudy and a little rainy which made hiking a little unsafe for the pregnant lady. Wouldn't want to slip and hurt myself or baby so we took it easy and just hung out in the area and then headed back to the lodge near by and had lunch. 

What is there to do around Two Medicine?

* There is a boat that can take you to the other side of the lake where there is a short hike to Twin Falls and to Upper Two Medicine Lake. We were planning on do that but we missed the boat, I'm not too worried because we will go next year when more of my clothes fit me and I actually have rain gear haha

There was this cute little ranger station, shop, coffee shop right on the lake. It was a nice place to just get out of the rain for a second and buy a drink or treat.

We also did this little walk to this water fall, its called Running Eagle Falls. Super easy 0.6 mile to such a cool looking falls. I'm glad we turned around to do this short little walk.

PS do you see the black bear?

That's kind of all we did at Two Medicine this time. Like I said the fact I am pregnant definitely limited things especially with the rain. But it was fun just to see this new area and enjoy the scenery. Two Medicine we will meet again and I'll be able to explore all areas of you :)

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  1. So awesome that you are doing this while pregnant! I hope to be like that when I'm pregnant, one day. :)


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