If I was Traveling to Bryce Canyon National Park

September 01, 2015

I decided to start a new series called 'If I was traveling to...' Since this pregnancy isn't as travel friendly I thought I'd share the locations and events I'd see if I was to go to those locations.

With that said I think the first place I'd visit (and Ive actually tried to get back to this place for the past 2 years) is Bryce Canyon National Park!

   4 hrs south of Salt Lake City
   2 hrs north of St George

When to go:
   The park is open year-round

How long should you stay:
   A lot of people say you can see majority of Bryce in 1 day and overnight others say that you can go up to 3 days and hike every hike and visit Kodachrome Valley.

What I would see:

Queens Garden pic via

Bryce Amphitheater: This is where all the parks main features are located along and most popular location in the park. From the Amphitheater you should do the Queens Garden/Navajo Loop trail. This trail is the most popular trail in the park. It takes you down into the canyon and hikes around hoodoos, be aware though hiking out of the canyon can be quite the task for some people. Just take your time and bring plenty of water. Other must see look out points in the Amphitheater would be Bryce Point and Inspiration Points. These lookout areas give you a great place to see Bryce from the top down. Bryce Point is one of the best places to view the sunrise as it is one of the highest overlooks along the rim.

 pic via

Mossy Cave: Now I've always been more a water/lake person, so most of my vacations and road trips are more geared toward those things. When the destination is a waterfall, I'm there. Mossy Cave is a short and easy walk to a mossy overhang and small waterfall. I would go visit this place first before heading into the Amphitheater. It's on the way and about 4 miles off track. I don't like to back track so I'd either do it first or last.

Rainbow Point pic via

Rainbow Point: The other major attraction is 17 miles from the Amphitheater. Don't be fooled, that 17 miles will probably take you a half of day to drive. With overlook points like Farview Point which is a panoramic view of Table Cliffs, Natural Bridge with is an 85 feet long natural arch, and Agua Canyon with massive hoodoos be sure to take a lunch. Once you reach Rainbow Point  you'll want to take the Bristlecone Loop Trail which is an easy mile walk.

Last thing I'd check out before leaving the park would be

Fairyland Point pic via

Fairyland Point: This is said to be one of the best overlooks in the park. It's not too crowded either because most people don't or aren't able to do the 8 mile hike from this point. If you are in shape you could do the loop hike and see China Wall and Tower Bridge.

Night Sky Programs:
Bryce Canyon is one of the best places to star gaze and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights the rangers put on a program and pull out the telescopes. If the Night Sky Program isn't enough for you they also have Full Moon Hikes and an Astronomy Festival once a year. This is a 4 day festival which includes speakers, model rocket building & launching, planet walk, and green laser constellation tours. I'm personally a complete space nerd and would spend all 4 days there.

If you have extra time I'd see:
Kodachrome Valley: This is about 40 min away from Bryce but has fun little hikes and Willis Creek Slot Canyon. I personally have not been there, but all the reviews say it is well worth the day trip. It's family friendly and the water is refreshing to walk in.

Well my friends that is my itinerary for my next Bryce Canyon Trip. I'm pretty sure since we weren't able to make it happen this year, I'm going to shoot for the Astronomy Festival in 2016. Let me know if you've visited some place in Bryce I didn't mention.

Have a great day and travel on!


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