5 Things NEVER to say to a pregnant lady!

August 21, 2015

I've really been wanting to write this post because good hell, people are dumb out there!

Every pregnant lady knows in the beginning that weight gain just comes with the job of growing a human. But how that pregnant lady emotionally deals with the weight gain is completely different from person to person. This lady knew it was going to be really hard for her to emotionally cope with that weight gain, why? I don't know, I just always knew I wish the stork would bring the baby to my door step instead of me having to get big then deliver the baby. We haven't even touched the delivery hurdle yet, ugh! Family has always been important so I knew I was just going to have to 'get it over and done with' I guess you can say.
When getting pregnant became a challenge I had to really dig deep and make sure this was what I wanted. Not only because of the cost, cost will always be a factor whether it's before the baby is born or after, but because of the stress it put on me. I was going to be ingesting medicines into my body that might have life long side effects (other than a baby) that could occur, I was going to be having an elective surgery that could possibly perforate my bladder or bowel, end up intubated because of some weird reason, and/or leave me with unwanted residual side effects that no woman in their right mind would want (it sucks being an ICU nurse at times!). It did help knowing my doctor really well, I'd been seeing him for half my life, he delivered me when I was born, and I knew he was in the OR performing surgeries weekly. His experience made me feel better.

After knowing that pregnancy was right for me and that I really wanted a baby we moved forward and here we are, tackling the next big hill, weight gain and body image! With that said here are 5 things that have been said to me that should NEVER be said to any pregnant lady, because they are just not right and it's not helping that lady with her emotional battle to begin with!

1. 'Whoa you're huge!'
     Guess what...we know we are big but it doesn't help to point it out!

2. 'Look at your cute fat face!' 
       PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't ever say this! It seriously is the last thing anyone would want to hear. Your face is what everyone looks at when they have a conversation with you or see's when they walk down the street and you can only imagine what thoughts are going through their brain as they are staring at your bloated face. This comment was especially hard for me and I actually cried like a baby that night while I was trying to get to sleep...like sobbing crying (haven't done that since I was like 5).

3. 'That's not very flattering'
       This comment isn't AS bad as others, it just sticks out because I knew exactly what they were talking about (the newly grown cellulite on my thighs) and I actually thought the same thing. It just stuck out in my mind because it was the first comment that was ever made and the first site on my own body that I completely saw a change that I didn't like.

4. 'Oh I thought you were way further along then you actually were'
       Nope I'm only starting my 3rd trimester even though I look like I should be in the middle. People, every pregnant lady carries their baby differently. I so happen to be all belly, if you think about it there isn't anywhere else for the baby to go. I'm not tall, only 5' 4" and my torso isn't very long so guess what...the baby is going to pop right out. And pop right out is what it's done since week 16.

5. 'Oh you think it's bad now, just wait until the baby is here'
        I kind of feel this one is the most offensive. I knew all the possible side effects of pregnancy, morning sickness, weight gain, stretch marks, and delivery when your body just physically changes. But what makes that 10 months (liars, it's not 9 months) so worth it is the moment that you get to meet that little one after so long and so many challenges, well at least that's what I've heard. Sure there will be good and bad days, but when is there not good or bad days with any situation, marriage, a new car, work, a new home. Isn't that just life? And isn't life the story of those challenges and situations that make you grow to who you are? I'm excited to continue my story and start a new chapter with my husband and this new little bundle of joy.

My grandma had a saying on her wall up at our cabin that says

Be careful of the words you say
 Keep them soft and sweet
You never know from day to day 
Which ones you'll have to eat.


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  1. You look lovely in the above photos. Thanks for continuing on the human race. I hope it brings you much joy.


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