BumpAroo 28 weeks

August 12, 2015

Look I have wings! I wish! Wings would seriously be awesome I could fly to any desired travel destination whenever! Ok sorry way off subject.

Bump update week 28

Feeling more uncomfortable physically
Clothes are getting smaller
Peeing is becoming more frequent
Getting in and out of my lowered car is probably the hardest thing ever
Cottage cheese has shown up on my legs :(
Food...oh everything is AMAZING and I have to have RIGHT NOW!! Which is probably why I have cottage cheese legs.

Ok those were all negatives about pregnancy lets list off the positives

Only 87 more days and I get to meet baby girl
Nursery is almost done!
I get a free pass to eat whatever I want with no judgement
Everyone wants to give me their seat if I'm standing
No one will let me even do a lick of manual labor even if I'm very capable still at doing it
Coworkers will kindly let me skip out on the stinky GI bleeds, THANK YOU SHANNON!
Oh and cleavage (like below) is still amazing and actually exists haha

What I'm doing now to prepare for baby girl

Bought a glider last week
Starting to register, do you guys think Target and Buy Buy Baby are good places?
Picked out my car seat and stroller. DAMN talk about overwhelming

Next items to check off the list

Need to pick a pediatrician. Can anyone recommend a good one in Davis County?
Pick a baby monitor
Buy a crib mattress
Hang curtains in nursery

Looks like with my list and up and coming HORRIBLE work schedule this week might just kill me.  I have some type of work from Tues of this week (yesterday) until next Thursday. 7 of those 10 days are 12 hr shifts...please shoot me now! Crap just remembered...I need scrubs that actually fit! Peace out better get going on that shit up there.

Photos by Haley Hoover Photography 
IG @haleyhooverphotography
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
Shirt: ASOS
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Raybans

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