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January 16, 2015

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If you haven't ever been on a let me explain to you the process of actually getting on the boat. 

1. They make everyone show up to the pier at a certain time, from there someone takes your bag and you hope they show up in your stateroom later. ps I've always gotten my bag. 

2. They make you fill out a 'medical form' asking you questions like Have you been in contact with someone with ebola recently or Have you had a fever, vomited, or had diarrhea recently. After some lady checks all your answer she sends you off to another room.

3. In this room you wait until the floor where your stateroom is called, then you can actually check in and get your cruise card.  When you get your cruise card, it's everything. It's your debit card, credit card, stateroom key, and ID. If you loose good. 

4. Ok after you check in, get your cruise card then you are herded into another big room where you wait and wait and wait. 

5. Finally you get to embark onto the ship and guess where we b-lined too? The buffet! We are so hungry and it was so yummy!

After you eat and see your stateroom you realize the ship is HUGE! 15 floors and you have lots of exploring to do, so the exploring begins. You see the front of the ship, back of the ship, all 4 swimming pools, the spa, the library, the theater, casino, 4 hot tubs, big projection screen, and the piazza. Whoa! Completely amazing that something so big can sail on the water.

Here is the time lapse of us sailing away. Enjoy!

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