Travel with Lauren from The Style Record to Bali

January 07, 2015

Hello! My name is Lauren and I blog over at The Style Record. I am so jealous of Nikki's adventure but so glad she asked me to guest post while she was away. I really wish I was financially able to travel more, but being in school makes it really difficult. I hope after I graduate I will have more opportunities to explore! My favorite trip that I have been on so far is Bali, Indonesia back in 2011.

Everything was so beautiful there from the plants, to the buildings to the sweet people who live there.

One of my favorite moments was hanging with the elephants. We got to watch them do tricks and also go for a short ride.

It constantly rains there, so the greenery was so beautiful!

I must say the one thing I will never forget is the forest  full of monkeys. When this one jumped on my shoulder I was in heaven. I have always been in love with monkeys.

We had a traditional bali dinner with entertainment of traditional bali dances and history.

We also visited Ketut Liyer. He is the medicine man from the true story of 'Eat, Pray, Love". He was the sweetest, cutest old man I have ever met.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures from one of the trips I will never forget. If you ever get the opportunity to go there for yourself, do it!

Also, don't forget to stop my blog and say hello!

Oh my Bali would be amazing, I'm so jealous of Laurens adventure. I hope I can make it over there someday. Thanks Lauren for the post and please go visit this ladies blog. She's one of the sweetest bloggers turned friend out there.

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