Travel to Puerto Vallarta with me

January 19, 2015

Princess Cruises, Mexican Cruise, Puerto Vallarta
After 2 days at sea I was so excited to start exploring the city of Puerto Vallarta. The night before we found out our waiter is from there so he told us a few spots to visit and not visit. We also told him to bring us some of his moms salsa...yep we never got it. 

On to Puerto Vallarta, we took a taxi to this boardwalk area called the Malecon, it has shops and restaurants and close by there is the Church of Our Lady Guadalupe. 

Malecon, Puerto Vallarta, Shopping, Princess Cruises, Cruise

 I loved the side streets off the Malecon, they are full of so much character. I had to take multiple pictures of them.

 Even though this was the main tourist area it was cool to see all the trades the people of Puerto Vallarta did in their normal day life.

Like fishing

Knife sharpening

Doll making

Shoe polishing

Our Lady Guadalupe Church, Puerto Vallarta, Church, Mexico

This is The Church of Our Lady Guadalupe and it was so awesome. The architecture, the statues, and the street with the flags were all amazing.

dress, Gear for Good, Backpack, Raybans,

This was my outfit for the day. One of our cruise friends had mentioned 'You're wearing such a big backpack.' why yes I am and I loved it! And so did Jeff! Jeff had said during that day 'Man it's so nice you can carry your own stuff.' That made me laugh because I had not noticed how much stuff I was making him carry. Lucky for him he bought me this backpack for Christmas, haha.

One thing I've noticed throughout all the cruise ports I've been to has to be the markets full of souvenirs. The one above I had to take a picture of because I loved the actual ceiling architecture and the lights hanging. These markets are fun to go visit, but I can only handle them for so long. Too many people saying 'Hey you want to buy a poncho?' or 'Let me show you what I have, good price?'

I loved those hammocks, kind of wanted to bring one home.

Do you see that big guy up there?

Lets not forget the street performers. They are everywhere and they expect a tip ;)

There you have it, my adventures of Puerto Vallarta. What have you done there that is really fun?

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