Hike Twin Peak Utah in the Avenues

January 26, 2015

Twin Peaks, Utah, Hike, winter hike

If you're looking for a great early winter, early spring, or low snow winter hike in Salt Lake City then you're in luck! I recently hiked up Twin Peaks behind the Avenues, which by the way was amazing. 

Mud, Hiking, Salomon, hiking boots

I heard about this hike from another blog and thought I'd try it out. That blog told me to start hiking at this trail head on Richardson Ln and I think when I hike this trail again I would start at the top of Terrace Hills Drive. The reason being is I found myself hiking up the bobsled mtn biking trail and I wouldn't want to come head on with a biker, ouch! 

bobsled trail, hiking, mountain biking trail, bobsled downhill trail

salt lake city valley, bonneville shoreline trail

This is the view once you reach the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The trail itself was very muddy once you reached the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and it was caking on my boots. Which was very slippery and made them weigh ten times heavier than they are. Once I got a little higher in elevation the mud turned to snow, not too deep so that was nice. 

I was happy to see other people out enjoying the amazing weather. I don't know if you can tell but there are a few ladies in the picture above at the top of the 1st Twin Peaks. 

Selfie at the top

This is from the top and heading back down the peaks. Can you see my little shadow?

Ok so you want to know a little more details about this hike, here you go.

Distance- 4 miles r/t
Elevation gain- 1005 ft
Dogs allowed- Yes on leash
Mtn bikes-Yes

Here are directions to the trail head I went to.

Take 11th Ave and turn North on Terrace Hills Dr. Take a right on N Bonneville Dr which runs into Richardson Ln. The trail head is well marked.

Next time I do this hike 

Instead of turning right on N Bonneville Dr I'll take Terrace Hills Dr to the top and start on the trail there. 

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