Travel to Mazatlan with me

January 23, 2015

Welcome to the next stop, Mazatlan. I had a good time wondering around and taking crazy taxis all over. Here are a few pictures from our adventures there. 

When we got off the ship we were told to visit the Golden Zone. I was told the Golden Zone was full of shopping and beaches, but when we got there I was kind of disappointed. There wasn't much shopping and the beaches weren't very big. It also looked like this area was heavy under construction and once was an awesome place to visit, I wouldn't recommend visiting it until those hotels are possible up and running.

 Golden Zone beach

 Old hotel that has been abandoned

 Walking through a construction zone to get back to the street

 Stopped and got a coke, my fav drink

 This dude made Jeff killer tacos

Here is our taxi ride leaving the Golden Zone

 After that crazy taxi ride into the city we head to check out the awesome gothic architecture of the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. I couldn't go inside because I felt I was dressed inappropriately, so I let Jeff go in. The outside architecture was awesome though.

Across the street from the cathedral is the Plaza Revolucion with tons of birds which I think birds are gross, gazebo, and people ready to fix the sole of your shoes. 

Just down the street is where the real fun is, the market. I loved this market! Its full of all types of food, souvenirs, and fun around every corner. One area has full pig heads, turn the corner there is fruit, round the next corner they are selling bracelets and chess sets. Then around the outside they have taco and clothing stands. It's a block party and I'm serious when I say block.

Unfortunately I got too excited in the market that I forgot to take pictures. We left the market and headed to the theater, Teatro Angela Peralta. The theater was located in the cutest little square. Trees, restaurants with outdoor seating, and amazing architecture what more can this girl ask for.

That is my Mazatlan experience. I wish we could have gone to see the cliff divers but we didn't make it, I heard they are quite amazing. Have you seen them?

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