ThirdLove panties & bra

January 27, 2015

Today I want to tell you about this super cute bra & pantie company, ThirdLove. When ThirdLove approached me to review product for them I was kind of excited to do a completely different type of retail product review. This review made me become  creative and try and stay classy, so on with my review. 

Buying a bra has always been a...pain in the ass! Lets not lie or sugarcoat it. I've heard that when you have huge boobs its hard to find a good bra, but did you big busted ladies know that when you have little A's it's also very difficult. I've bought bras from Walmart yep, Target, Victoria Secret, and since we are being honest Justice, ya I'm blushing right now. Every single bra I bought just didn't fit right. I couldn't fill them out, it was too tight on the outside, and it just visually didn't look right looks are important too! When I looked at ThirdLove's selection I kind of panicked a moment and almost backed out, but then I saw they have a totally different fit guide and ps a fit app! 

Now the fit guide was great, took a sec to understand but once I got it it was easy. During this process I also used their live 24 hr chat, the girl was so helpful. She asked me where most of my bras are from, what size I wear, and what she recommended. The bras she recommended were perfect but not what I was thinking of for the blog. I then found this bandeau and knew it was perfect.

I found some cute panties from their large selection with no hesitation and they matched perfectly.

So overall I had a pretty great experience with ThirdLove. I felt like I got to use all their resources to find a bra that would fit my situation, fit me, and very usable. Now I want you to have the same amazing experience with ThirdLove by ALL receiving a free pair of panties and a coupon for $10 off the purchase of a bra. WOOT WOOT! Its so easy! Just follow the rafflecopter below and I'll send you an email with the code once the rafflecopter expires! Thanks again for following me and please spread the word about the free your best friend, coworker, mother, grandma, neighbor, and anyone else that wears undies haha

Happy Early Valentines Day!

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