Farmington Bird Refuge

January 01, 2015

The bird refuge in Farmington is such an unknown ground in my life. I've been to the gate twice and that's it. This time we decided to venture further in because we are planning a Loyal Cycle Co monthly bike ride out there. We took the road until we couldn't take it any further. That road was gorgeous!

The water was so still, the only ripples on the water were made by ducks. My favorite part of the bird refuge was sitting on this dock and just looking out into the water and the mountains.

How do you get to the Farmington Bird Refuge you ask? I will let you know :)
You take i-15 and get off at the exit 322
Once you get off the exit take the first Right street
Follow that road around until you come to a stop sign
At the stop sign turn Right on to Glovers Lane
Go over the bridge and follow that road until you will take a Left after passing a big field
That is the entrance to the bird refuge. There is also another entrance if you continue down Glovers Lane

Have fun and adventure on.

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